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Crypto with Millennials Generation

Today we’re going to talk about how cryptocurrencies are in the age of Millennials. Millennials are what an era we understand is simple. Today’s working-age group was born during 1980-1996. The question is, what effect does crypto have on them at this age? In one article we talked about how millennials are the ones that […]

Crypto for Real Estate

Today, crypto is growing more and more. From the news that we have seen Today, we will take a look at how real estate works. In addition to crypto, you can buy small things. Can use the money in the restaurant Can also buy real estate. There has been a long history of Turkey’s Antalya […]

Crypto or Cash?

For many who want to know how different crypto and cash are. We will explain easily. For the first time, everyone knows that crypto is a digital currency. That means we can’t handle it like cash that we can just walk to the ATM. But that’s not the first difference between crypto and cash. 1.Daily […]

Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun Of the market Crypto.

Today let’s look at some in Japan better. How crypto affects Japan? Japan is also considered another Asian country that has started accepting cryptocurrencies. Which led to the crypto industry. Some indications that Japan is interested in crypto are: The Japanese financial services agency as of March 2018 had 3.5 million users who traded cryptocurrencies […]

3 Restaurants for dating on Valentines Day. Accepted Crypto.

Who has no plans for where to go during this Valentine? We have a place to recommend. Go dinner, pay with the ultra-crypto !! Let’s try to see if there are 3 interesting shops in Bangkok, 3 styles. 1.HOBS ICON SIAM HOBS, ICON SIAM branch, good atmosphere, very romantic Pao has a view of the […]

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulation Canada

If you try to find a country that is a person in the crypto movement, this country would have grown up and started. Canadian initiatives such as QuadrigaCX and Ethereum have been spectacularly successful, appearing to be the first place in the world to have a cryptocurrency broker. Open to new experience. Canada is one […]

Why is using crypto for charity to interesting?

Many of you may not know that we can be charitable with crypto. More and more people are starting to use crypto for their daily spending. Fidelity Charitable, Fidelity’s charitable organization, has confirmed the donation in crypto. That’s $ 106 million since 2015. The organization believes that the use of crypto Affects the market price. […]

Lim Lao Ngow Accepted Bitcoin

A Special noodle shop, Lim Lao Ngaow, because of this shop besides paying cash that accepts bitcoins. Lim Lao Ngow was also one of the first stores that started accepting bitcoin payments. Shop located on the 5th floor of Siam Square One This shop has been famous for a long time 80 years and has […]

40 Burger King locations in Venezuela now accept Bitcoin.

Burger King in Venezuela, 40 locations, accepting crypto payments !! We can now buy burgers with bitcoins. Crypto begins to gain support in Venezuela Due to economic fluctuation Although Burger King failed and closed before in Russia and Europe. But probably not with Venezuela. Venezuela also has a Petro coin issued by the Venezuelan government. […]